A plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to kill America

Robert Jones
2 min readJan 22, 2021


Many are lined up to seek their favour with the Biden-Harris administration deal. A 38-page text, Restoring the Rights of American Muslims and Advancing Justice for All Americans, has been submitted by the Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR), for example.A former Iranian Muslim who arrived in the states in 1978 and invested his life in Jesus Christ, Shahram launched the TIL Project, the Truth in Love Project, which reveals Islam’s true objective and the challenge of Sharia in America. He served in Washington as a pastor, as a police officer, and as a former candidate for governor.

The CAIR is a front organisation formed by leaders of the international Muslim Brotherhood. In most Arab countries, the Muslim Brotherhood has been considered a terrorist group. They were named as an anonymous co-conspirator at the Holy Land Foundation trial in Texas in 2007, the largest terror funding trial in American history.The trial resulted in the detention of 108 American Muslims and Muslim American organisations that raised funds in the Middle East to help terrorist organisations.

The investigations found that during the Obama administration, Islamists were able to penetrate the US government’s national security apparatus thanks to FBI chief Robert Mueller, the Justice Department’s Eric Holder, and President Obama himself.While an unindicted co-conspirator is the Muslim Brotherhood, they continued to teach, train law enforcement, Congress representatives, and state legislatures on their plot to kill America.

Now, new President Joe Biden has said that at all levels of his administration, he needs Muslims. All is part of the Red-Green axis trying to sabotage America. Shahram called the document Restoring the Rights of American Muslims striking in its particularity and detail, as well as how shameless it is in terms of what it needs.In Washington and throughout America, contrary to common belief, the voice of moderate Muslims is not always heard. Instead, in its four-decade attempt to regulate Islam in America, a small community of organisations based in the U.S. with MB backing and support is well advanced.

Moderate Muslims who love America are being pushed out of these institutions, from mosques, colleges, culture, even to prisons.The MB extremists then condemn racism and bigots as opponents of manifestations of Islamist extremism. Let us be very transparent. We do not say that Islam or its faithful adherents as a religion are enemies of the United States, the West, or modernity.A growing body of agreed evidence and expert study, however, indicates that the Islamist ideology that governs, funds and animates many U.S. groups is also antithetical to the ideals of tolerance, individualism, and liberty.