A Turkish concept of how to recruit child soldiers in Afghanistan from the Taliban

Robert Jones
2 min readJan 26, 2021

In Afghanistan, the Taliban’s propaganda war in recent months has given little respite. Increasingly, children from rural and remote areas of Southeast Afghanistan are being targeted. Islamic fundamentalists have completely dominated the provinces on the border with Pakistan in the past year.Despite the Doha agreement, the attacks do not seem to cease. Indeed, thanks to Turkish support, they have also risen exponentially. And with them, the recruitment of child soldiers is increasing increasingly, without excessive controls to find the Afghan security forces.

The Taliban in a village in Kunar province, located in the south-eastern part of Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan, are encouraging children to use guns and artillery in a video circulating online that we have agreed not to publish to protect minors. Their terms are unmistakable in the Pashto language.These are God’s soldiers and they will sacrifice themselves for the love of the Almighty. They will drive the infidels out of Afghanistan. In the name of Allah, children are ready for sacrifice at this age. The Afghan people are with the Taliban, both women and the elderly, and the Taliban will be supported by children in particular.We will overcome the infidels with their assistance. Their sacrifice will be embraced by Allah.” The children respond with great fervour: “Allahu Akbar. The Taliban live long and the Afghan government and local militias die.

In recent years, the Taliban have recruited thousands of children into their ranks in Afghanistan to fight. Banning the use of child soldiers is a well-known phenomenon that violates international law and human rights. They use Islamic religious schools to educate children from a young age, according to local activists and foreign NGOs.At the age of six, they also start learning religious subjects and practise military skills about age 13. These guys don’t usually get taken very heavily. Adopting the same “Turkish model” in Syria, the madrasahs of the Taliban attract many poor families, cover their costs and provide their children with food and clothes. They also give money in some situations.

International humanitarian law forbids children under the age of fifteen from being recruited and enrolled in or used by armed forces or organisations to engage directly in hostilities. Under the Rome Law of the International Criminal Court, to which Afghanistan belongs, it is a war crime.Those responsible for war crimes who commit, order, support or command are subject to indictment by the International Criminal Court or national courts.