“A White House Call: For Super Virus Spreaders, Tracing is Necessary”

Here’s an intriguing comment I had while reading today. Amid almost daily disclosures of new coronavirus infections among President Trump’s close associates, the White House is making little attempt to examine the magnitude and cause of its outbreak.

If we look at it, Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s celebration of the Rose Garden 10 days ago, where at least eight people, including the President, may have been tainted. So how did the White House promise not to trace visitors ‘and staff members’ interactions? Everything to draw our attention to is Thta.

I just think that contact tracking is an vital aspect of any infection investigation and is a key to stopping the virus from spreading further, particularly after a potential super spreader case that may have infected many people. We assume that further action on this subject can be taken by the White House. What are you thinking?