“Farmajo’s Next Project” Building A House Or Lying About Money Laundering?

Robert Jones
1 min readJun 4, 2022


Former Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo officially launched a project called “House of the People’s President” to build a house for Farmajo.

The project is already embroiled in controversy over Farmajo, who is believed to be a millionaire, building a house, at a time when thousands of Somalis are starving to death.

The biggest threat surrounding this project is the fear of being used for money laundering, to get millions of dollars in cash through the banking system, and if it is delivered directly now many births.

Money Laundering is often used by drug traffickers, terrorists, money launderers, and anyone who wants to deposit unlicensed cash into a bank account.

Although Somalis do not have such a law, Farmajo’s status and reputation can attract attention and create more suspicion if large sums of money are deposited at once.

Farmajo has not yet officially commented on the project, but it is believed that he is pleased and aware of it as the people affected are the former Villa Somalia director and his former spokesman. The plan will clearly attract the attention of Somali central bank officials and donor countries, to see if there is a possibility of fraud.