Pro-Iranian militants in southern Iraq were launched by US Suspected Air Strikes

Several explosions were heard south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, according to the Iraqi media. Reports say that there may have been U.S. or Israeli airstrikes targeting Iranian-backed militias there, but the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said it was not aware of “any airstrikes in Iraq.”

While CENTCOM said that it was unaware of the four attacks in Jurf al-Sakhar province, reports say the attacks were carried out by US F-16 drones. They killed nine Iraqi military personnel. Residents said that following the attacks, US warplanes were hovering over the al-Qaem area near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Iraqi military officials have said that no casualties have occurred. Iraqi Security Media Cell denied that the region had been attacked by Iraqi security forces and warned people not to trust the false information shared on social media. Jennifer Griffin, a U.S. defence official, said that, despite reports, there were no US airstrikes near Baghdad on Monday night.

Arab media announced Monday night that Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias near Baghdad had been hit by airstrikes. Iran’s Al-Alam network said nine Iraqi army members were killed in the shelling and hundreds of others were injured in alleged US attacks.

Iranian-backed militias and US forces are frequently in confrontation in Iraq, causing significant casualties. Shiite militants have launched rockets into the green zone of Baghdad, most recently in the vicinity of the US embassy in Iraq.

Since the first anniversary of the US assassination of General QasemSulaimani in Iraq and the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, tensions have been raging.Iran, meaning the United States, has vowed to retaliate against those who killed Qasem. The U.S. and Israel have warned that Iran might launch attacks on U.S. bases in the Middle East, sending drones and submarines into the Persian Gulf.